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About us

At PowerTrade, we believe your trading platform should be be as mobile and dynamic as you. That’s why we’re offering a mobile-first trading experience that’s designed to be simple, fast, and focused on your success.
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We’re a team of technologists, and crypto industry veterans obsessed with quality, product and user experience.


Mario Gomez Lozada

Chief Executive Officer

Mario formerly founded Liquid.com. His past roles include CTO at Credit Suisse Japan and the CTO of Merrill Lynch Pacific Rim.

Richard Hodges

Trading & Risk

Formerly on trading tech at Liquid, Richard has built quantitative trading and financial systems at Morgan Stanley, Citi and more, with 20 years of pro options trading experience.

Jon Myers

Design & Marketing

Jon has over 20 years of experience working in user interface and user experience design. He formerly served as Chief Design Officer at Liquid and led design at Timo bank.

Tom Howard

Business Development & Growth

Tom is the co-founder of Defi Nation, and was the founder of Mosendo. He is a partner at Taureon Capital, and formerly served as head of Growth at FactoryX.

Backed by


Darius Sit

QCP Capital, Founder

Kain Warwick

Synthetix, Founder

Loi Luu

Kyber Network, Co-Founder

Bobby Ong

CoinGecko, Co-Founder

Matt Dibb

Astronaut Capital, Founder

Han Kao

Strategic Round Capital, Principal