Dear PowerTrader,

Thank you for being our user in 2021. We really appreciate all the feedback and love that you've given PowerTrade this year. As we end off 2021, we'd like to recap our year and provide you with a preview of what's round the corner in 2022.

🎉 What we accomplished in 2021

Since we started work on PowerTrade in June 2020, we have assembled a team of experts from the crypto space and spent most of the year working on the infrastructure and services that would power our exchange and services.

  • PowerTrade on Mobile: In April, we published our mobile app on iOS and Android with on Options trading for BTC and ETH. Being traders ourselves, our key focus on the mobile app is to provide users with a clean, easy-to-use interface that also provides all the key information for our fellow traders to make informed decisions on trading options.
  • PowerTrade on Web: In October, we released our web app to users replicating this experience for the web. Our web app is targeted at professional and retail traders.
  • Spot Trading: In early November, we released our first spot markets which includes BTC, ETH, and PTF.
  • Power.Pro: In December, we revealed our Power Protocol, a decentralized clearing and settlement protocol. Now open for early access registration.
  • Gamma Boss: In December, we also started our first first free trading community on Telegram headed by our own Richard Hodges, Head of Risk and Markets who is a veteran options trader of 25 years experience. Sign up to join our Gamma Boss community on Telegram!

We also have a long list of features that we are completing soon that we can’t wait to reveal when they’re ready.

⭐️ What can you expect in 2022?

In 2022, we intend to release more products to complete our suite of offerings that we believe all good exchanges should have. Then we will create more incentives and better products to help our community get the best returns for their investments.

But even more importantly, we want to give back to our users for using PowerTrade, so you should also expect to see a host of reward programs that will help you earn rewards when you trade with us.

⭐️ Products and features that you can look forward to in early 2022

  • Futures and Perpetuals
  • Power Pools
  • Support for more markets
  • Structured products
  • Lots of reward programs!

📬 On top of that, we want to hear from you, tell us anything – what you think about our products, how you feel trades should be done, really anything!

💬 Feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram channel or Discord. We have Beta user’s groups on Telegram too if you’re interested in signing up to try out our new features before we release them to public – ping us on our [email protected] with your telegram username to get access.

🥂 Happy Holidays and we hope to trade together with you in 2022!

Best wishes,

The PowerTrade Team

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