PowerPools is the most capital efficient AMM that combines capital efficiency and derivatives. We've taken the theory behind the Uniswap v3 smart contract and implemented it on a central limit order book. By doing this we found a number of advantages, here are 3 reasons why you should use PowerPools:

  1. Supercharge Your Earnings

Earn fees for putting up liquidity on PowerTrade.

The fees are credited to your account in realtime and can be withdrawn at anytime.

We do not charge any fees for adding, removing, reinvesting liquidity - PowerPools are completely free to use!

2. USD Stablecoin Payout

Earned fees are paid out in USD stablecoin (USDC) and not in the form of a proprietary token with questionable liquidity or tokenomics.

3. Protect Your Pools

PowerPools is tightly integrated with the exchange platform, allowing you to hedge your risk by placing quick and simple defensive options trades.

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