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1. How will you make the token sale fair for all buyers to avoid risk of presale buyers and team and friends dumping their tokens on the market?

The token allocations and lockups are now published in our token paper!

Our team and partners are under 2-4 year lockups, and larger investors are also in the larger lockup options in our presale. We’re very transparent about the pre-sale pricing, longer lockups get better pricing, and the shortest lockup (3m) had an individual limit of $25k. The diversity of token holders in this shorter lockup is very high, and are excited for the on-chain metrics to demonstrate this.

The public sale and listing price will be the same price as this short lockup price: $0.20, giving everyone a shot to get in at the same price and lockup as the most demanded option in the private pre-sale sale.

2. When will everything be released?

➤ TGE date will be announced this week!

➤ Private beta of the app will be available early October

➤ Public launch planned for November

3. What are all the utilities of the PTF token?

The token paper that describes the functions of the PTF token has now been released!

Give it a read:

4. Can you tell me more about the plans around the affiliate system you are designing, and how will it be more attractive than other incentives programs that already exist on other exchanges?

We’re still working on the exact details of the affiliate program, but a main component that others don’t offer will be the way that the PTF token fits into the program.

5. Is there an estimate on how much the $PTF invite competition is worth?

The price for the public sale has now been announced: $0.20 per PTF - Multiply that by 2000 PTF

6. Why do you think PowerTrade will be better than the competition, specifically thinking of  (but there may be others, too) ?  What measures are taken to put these advantages to use?

There are no exchanges in crypto that take a mobile first approach to product design, and very few who have the product acumen that is common with great products that are commonly produced in Silicon Valley tech companies. Our preliminary research shows that there is high unfilled demand for mobile trading with excellent user experience.

7. Will you have a web version eventually or this is gonna be strictly mobile? iOs and Android both will have support right?

We will have a web version eventually but want to get the mobile product right first! We will have both iOS and Android.

8. What steps will you take to ensure that team members don't misuse company funds?

We’re currently in the process of hiring a very experienced and accomplished financial controller. The naive misuse of company funds that is common in crypto is unacceptable to us.

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