We’re rolling out 3 major updates at PowerTrade, and to celebrate we’re holding a Community Giveaway worth $5,000 of PTF.

Click here to enter the campaign. Read on for more details.

Who is PowerTrade? - PowerTrade is a crypto derivatives exchange for institutional firms and professional traders. Offering a full derivatives suite, RFQ, portfolio margin, multi-collateral, and user-friendly experience, PowerTrade is the ultimate choice for efficient trading of crypto derivatives.

Over the next 7 days, take part in the campaign to share, trade and win. $5,000 worth of PTF, and PowerBooster (PB) rewards are up for grabs.

Want a piece? Read on.

Campaign Details:

Start: 12:00 pm UTC on 29 November, 2023

End: 4:00 pm UTC on 6 December, 2023

Duration: 7 Days

Rewards: $5,000 worth of PTF, and PowerBooster points.

The campaign has four separate events that users can participate in, each eligible for different rewards. Details on the events and how to enter are below.

What are the 3 Major Updates?

Arguably the most significant developments for PowerTrade to date, the three big updates we’re celebrating as part of this community campaign are:

  1. The PowerDEX Launch: The most powerful DEX with CEX-like performance, PowerDEX offers unparalleled speed and efficiency. Lightning-fast, on-chain order book and a full range of derivatives products not available anywhere else.
  2. PTF Tokenomics Reboot: Earn real yield from exchange fees by staking PTF, access advanced trading tools and more.
  3. New Altcoin Options: 25+ (and growing) Altcoin options - more than any other exchange.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to transform the trading landscape, bringing more tools and options to derivatives traders than any other exchange.

This community giveaway is a celebration of these updates, and a chance to bring the community together and spread the word.

Understanding PTF and PowerBooster:

For those new to PowerTrade, here's a quick overview of PTF and PowerBooster tokens:

  • PTF (PowerTrade Fuel): PTF is our native token. With the latest update to our tokenomics, you can stake PTF to earn a share of 25% of trading fees, generate PowerBooster points, and access trader tools, structured products, and more.
  • PB (PowerBooster): PB are bonus points earned from staking and participating in certain campaigns. PowerBooster increases your share of rewards when staking PTF. The more PowerBooster points you have, the greater your yield from staking PTF.

How to Participate:

Event 1: Complete Tasks to Spread the Word

Help us grow our community and earn rewards by completing tasks and referring friends.

During the event, complete the tasks on Gleam.io to spread the word, earn entries and climb the leaderboard.

The top 30 users with the most entries at the end of the campaign will each receive $100 worth of PTF.

Event 2: Refer friends and earn PowerBooster Points

Refer friends and earn PowerBooster (PB) points that boost your share of rewards when staking goes live.

PowerBooster increases your share of PTF staking rewards, earning real yield from PowerTrade’s exchange fees. Stakers earn a portion of 25% of the exchange’s trading fees.

The more friends you refer, the more PowerBooster you’ll earn.

Ways to earn PowerBooster:

Follow the link from Gleam.io and create an account on PowerTrade to earn 100PB.

Complete the “refer friends for extra entries” task and we’ll credit your account with 10PB for each successful referral when staking goes live.

Note: Tasks must be completed using Gleam.io otherwise you will not be credited PB.

PowerBooster Referral Rewards:

  • Create an account on PowerTrade: Earn 100 PB.
  • Refer a friend: Earn 10 PB for each successful referral.

Learn more about PowerTrade’s upcoming staking and PowerBooster points here.

Event 3: Win PTF from Challenges on X

We’ll be hosting 5 daily challenges on X, starting from Tuesday.

To participate, comment directly on the X post with your answer, and we’ll draw winners from the replies. The winner of each daily challenge will win $200 worth of PTF and will be notified via X.

Follow @PowerTradeHQ on Twitter and enable notifications so you don’t miss a challenge.

Event 4: Share your Best Trade to Win

Trade Altcoin Options on PowerTrade throughout the campaign and compete for bonus PTF rewards.

Throughout the campaign, the 3 traders who make the most successful trades (the highest ROI, based on the percentage growth of the premium) will receive bonus PTF rewards.

To enter, traders must post a screenshot of the trade on their X account and tag @PowerTradeHQ. Trades must have a minimum premium of $50 to be eligible.

Trading Competition Rewards:

  1. First place: $500 worth of PTF
  2. Second Place: $300 worth of PTF
  3. Third Place: $200 worth of PTF

Join the Campaign

We’re thrilled to celebrate these big 3 updates with the PowerTrade community.

Join the campaign; share, trade, and win.

Good luck!

The PowerTrade Community Giveaway begins Wednesday, 29 November.

All PTF rewards will be distributed to your PowerTrade account within 30 days of the completion of the campaign. Users must have an eligible PowerTrade account in order to receive PTF and PB rewards.

Entrants are subject to PowerTrade’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.