Dear PowerTraders,

We are pleased to announce the key information and dates for the PowerTrade Fuel (PTF) token community Sale.

You can view details of the PowerTrade Fuel token here:

Key dates

  • Tuesday, 22nd September: Token Sale Whitelist Opens at 2pm UTC
  • 24 hours to pass KYC and contribute
  • Wednesday 23rd September: Token Sale Whitelist Closes at 2pm UTC
  • Thursday 24th September: TGE and Bitmax listing at 2pm UTC

Token Price and Lockup

The community sale price is $0.20 - the same price as the last round of the private sale.

The tokens unlock linearly, every second, over 3 months.

Contribution Details

Hard Cap: $400,000

Minimum contribution: $100

Max contribution: $1000

Contributions in USDT

Whitelisting Process, Requirements and Exclusions

Whitelisting allows participants to confirm an Ethereum address and signal intent to purchase tokens by going through KYC and indicating a contribution amount.

The whitelisting process will be taking place on the PowerTrade Discord server within the #Whitelist discord channel. Here is a Step by Step guide to being whitelisted:

Step 1: Join the PowerTrade Discord

Step 2: Watch the #whitelist channel, it will open at exactly 2pm UTC on September 22nd

Step 3: When the channel opens, send your address and USDT amount in the #whitelist channel, like this:

0x64f224Ae632ECC894538D071FA7Cc54Bf64D0aCE 1000

Note: do not send from an exchange or you will lose your tokens

Step 4: The whitelist bot will DM you, follow the instructions to complete KYC (you will need your ID)

Step 5: Wait for approval from the whitelist bot, then send funds as the bot instructs

Step 6: You will have 24h from whitelist application to complete KYC and fund or you will lose your whitelist

Note: you must send from your whitelisted address or you will lose your funds. Do not send from an exchange.

The following countries are excluded from participating in the Token Sale:
USA, Burundi, Cuba, Congos, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela

Please feel free to ask any questions on the Discord!