Dear PowerTraders,

This is a guide to earning PTF rewards by supplying liquidity to the PTF <> ETH Uniswap pool and staking Uni-LP tokens with PowerTrade at

All details of the Uniswap LP Reward Campaign can be found in this post.

There are a number of risks associated with becoming a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap. These include but are not limited to smart contract risks and impermanent loss. PowerTrade does not take responsibility for any losses incurred through this initiative.

Step-by-step Guide

Please note: To supply to this liquidity pool you must hold both PTF and ETH in the same wallet. You can acquire both on Uniswap.

Once you have both PTF and ETH please follow this guide to acquire LP tokens and stake them to earn rewards:

Step 1: Uniswap Pool

Go to the PTF <> ETH Pool on Uniswap, connect your wallet, click ‘Approve PTF’ and confirm the transaction.

Step 2: Supplying Liquidity on Uniswap

Add an equal value of both PTF and ETH that you wish to deposit and click 'Supply' then confirm the transaction. This will automatically stake both PTF and ETH into the pool and issue you Uni-LP tokens.

Step 3: Staking with PowerTrade

Visit , connect your wallet and click the 'approve' button in the Uniswap box. You will now see your UNI-LP token balance appear and you are now able to stake your UNI-LP tokens. To stake all your tokens click 'Max' and then 'Stake', and approve the transaction.

You can get your Uniswap pool tokens back at any time by clicking 'Withdraw', but you will no longer be earning rewards if you withdraw.

Step 4: Earning Rewards

After your transaction to 'Stake' you UNI-LP tokens has confirmed you will automatically start earning rewards as PTF tokens throughout the Liquidity Provider campaign as long as your tokens show as 'Staked'.

You can view the tokens you have earned on your 'Staking' dashboard and withdraw them at any time by clicking 'Rewards'.

Key dates

Status: Pre-Staking Open
Rewards Open: Oct 5, 2pm, UTC 2020
Rewards Close: Nov 3, 2pm UTC 2020
Rewards available: 650,000 PTF

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