A decentralized derivatives protocol

Over the past one year the PowerTrade team have built a complete crypto options derivatives platform with an unmatched set of features that include span portfolio margin across all products, a multi-collateral system, and in innovative custom strategy trading system.

PowerTrade’s current product suite includes options, futures, perpetuals and spot for both BTC and ETH, with more assets planned to be added in the near future. All these features and products are delivered to our users via carefully crafted user interfaces that include mobile iOS and Android, as well as the newly released web interface, resulting in unparalleled user experience.

The PowerTrade Vision

Part of PowerTrade’s original vision was to operate as a decentralized trading platform. Building an options focused derivatives platform is already an enormous undertaking, and tackling hard decentralization problems is another set of hard problems, we have taken the approach of progressive decentralization.

With the core options trading system completed over the past year, we believe now is the time to take the first step in the decentralized vision.

Introducing Power Protocol

We currently have prototype technology, Power Protocol, that enables decentralized clearing, settlement, and non custodial funding and withdrawals, which we expect to bring to market in 2022.

Bringing together these powerful offerings into a decentralized protocol enables PowerTrade to make its existing first-to-market options-focused derivatives platform fully decentralized.

Power Pro enables decentralized clearing, settlement, and noncustodial funding and withdrawal, with all trades cleared and settled on-chain and backed by a fully decentralized, non-custodial protocol.

Because the exchange does not custody user funds, which are managed by the Power Protocol, users are able to simply connect their web3 wallet to begin trading.

Fuel DAO

The Power Protocol will be the second exchange to work with the Fuel DAO which provides a liquidation reserve to cover bankruptcy risk on margin exchanges.

Currently the DAO, represented by $PTF, covers the PowerTrade centralized exchange.

Get early access!

We expect to begin beta testing in 2022, sign up at Power.Pro to get early access to use Power Protocol!