PowerTrade is hiring! This is your opportunity to join an early stage startup at the forefront of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry.

Join The Future of Crypto

PowerTrade is building the next generation of crypto derivatives and options trading with a mobile first user friendly trading experience.

After recently launching the exchange to the public and securing key growth partnerships, we are now hiring on all fronts as we are rapidly expanding our product and offerings.

Read below learn more about the industry and PowerTrade vision.

About Us

Our team is made up of crypto veterans including the founder and executives of one of Japan's biggest crypto exchanges Liquid.com (est. 2014), banking industry vets in leadership at places like Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Credit Suisse, and exchange experts who contributed to traditional exchanges such as NYSE and Nasdaq.

Backers include prominent crypto industry firms such as Pantera, Framework, and CMS Holdings, as well as notable DeFi founders Kain Warwick and Loi Luu.

The team is fully remote, and we work with people who are willing to take ownership, execute quickly and effectively, and are strong communicators willing to give and receive candid feedback with empathy and consideration.

Compensation includes performance bonuses for all teams. When the company does well, you will do well. Effective people are rewarded for their efforts.

We are currently hiring senior roles for most of our products, and as we are still a startup, there is potential for fast growth to leadership roles as the company grows.

We are looking for:

  • Senior Product Management
  • Senior Engineering in iOS, Android, Trading UI (react/angular), BE & Full Stack (Go & JS), Blockchain Engineer
  • Exchange Engineers, Quantitative Developers, Risk and Markets Engineers (C++)
  • Senior Growth Marketer, Product Marketer, and Memelord
  • Exchange Operations, Compliance, General Counsel, HR, and more

Strong preference for folks who have experience with crypto, trading or retail fintech so you can hit the ground running when you join!

Note: We are remote, but PowerTrade does not have operations in USA and thus workers can not be based there. For USA based candidates, relocation (to anywhere) is a possibility. Asia + EU time zones preferred.

Check out our open roles: https://power.trade/careers

PowerTrade's Vision for The Future of Crypto

As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are attracting mainstream attention in both the traditional financial markets and the public eye, the industry is seeing a wave of unprecedented hyper growth, from headline grabbing IPOs to public companies adding Bitcoin to their balance sheet.

However the industry is still young and at the beginning of the growth phase of the adoption cycle, which makes it an exciting time to be a part of this industry!

Looking at industry trends and maturity of the offerings, we see a few areas that are nascent and expected to see large growth and maturity within the industry in coming years: options and derivatives, user experience, DeFi eats CeFi.

Options and Derivatives

In the short term, we expect to see rapid growth and maturation of options and derivatives markets. When we look at where options markets are today vs. the volume expected in a mature market, relative futures, you can see there is a large amount of growth expected, especially as the crypto market itself expands.

User Experience

In the mid-short term, user experience in the crypto market is severely lagging the traditional finance industry. While the core technology provides a better experience with instant settlement and self-custody resolving the much hated banking technologies, the majority of crypto user interfaces are clunky and hard to use.

PowerTrade is leading the industry on user experience by implementing the design industry best practices and innovating on the new types of offerings that are possible with crypto.

DeFi eats CeFi

In the long term, we expected Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to replace Centralized Finance (CeFi) counter-parts. But building decentralized tech is notoriously slow and so we expect it to happen slowly and in phases.

We already are seeing the tokenization of lending and leverage positions, which made it possible for PowerTrade to decentralize the insurance fund function of the exchange with the Fuel DAO.

PowerTrade is following a progressive decentralization strategy where we decentralize components of the exchange as the tech matures enough to not compromise the user experience.

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