PowerTA⚡- show off your technical analysis skills and get rewards!

Are you a master of technical analysis? Able to predict where the market will go? Or do you just like drawing on the charts? Great, because now you can get rewarded for it!

We are looking for skilled chartists to share their predictions in the PowerTrade community.


  • Join our Discord if you haven’t already
  • Apply to join the PowerTrade ambassador program
  • Start posting your TA in a #technical-analysis channel
  • Discuss TA with other participants - critique, agree, give feedback. Everything counts!

Every month we will pick 5 winners. They will be evaluated by following criteria:

  • Quality of TA, effort put in analysis
  • Hit rate of predictions, good calls are rated highly
  • Useful and constructive discussion of other trader’s charts

4 winners  will get 150 PTF as a reward and one will get a 300 PTF as a reward and a special role in our Discord as the main TA master of PowerTrade⚡

Besides that, active TA challenge participants will also get a chance to get into an inner circle of ambassadors - which means that you will get all updates about PowerTrade development early, will be able to ask the team questions directly and much, much more. We will unveil more information about the inner circle later, stay tuned!

Let the TA challenge commence!