The markets have not been the most forgiving in the last few days with a sea of red enveloping the crypto market. It is hard not to be discouraged. However, whether bear or bull market PowerPools can help you hedge your risk during these volatile times.

Today there is $200 BILLION sitting in liquidity pools on the blockchain, being front run, often unhedged, converting market noise into trading yield. They are expensive to trade with, expensive to maintain and problematic to properly hedge.‌

PowerPools takes the same underlying formula and puts it into a trading robot. That robot places orders in our central limit order book that when traded against, behaves as if it were a Uniswap V3 pool that had been approached on the blockchain.‌

However, because our PowerPool is NOT a smart contract, it doesn’t consume gas fees. It is completely FREE to run. It is also completely free to modify, reconfigure, create and delete. None of this can be said for the blockchain version.‌

Our AMM also happens to pick up more market noise, so it trades more often and makes the owner a little more in trading returns.‌

What about the headache of hedging for crypto fund managers, or amateur liquidity providers? Well we have that covered too. The PowerPool will:

-Monitor market trends and gently adjust its trading range in response.

-Automatically reinvest returns to achieve compounding.

-Automatically buy options to hedge against large moves.

-Leak no secrets to anyone.

-Never be front run.‌

Now the big guys and the little guys are playing on the same playing field. An actual financial revolution.‌

The big guys still have the advantage, because they have college degrees in finance and do this all day long, they enjoy the information asymmetry over the man in the street. So they can still justify taking a commission for their services (we built that rule into PowerPools too)‌

#Options are the lego bricks of all #finance.

There is money on the table.

For a certain class of investor, PowerPools uses systematic trading to take that money off the table and put it in your pocket.

Check out the full White Paper, "The Case for PowerPools"

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