GM PowerTrader,

With the recent launch of PowerPools, our latest product that allows users to provide liquidity and earn yield, we're excited to announce the launch of our Liquidity and Trading Rewards.

Liquidity Rewards – Provide Liquidity, Earn PTF 💰

Liquidity is a fundamental pillar of our product offerings as it plays a key role in the exchange user experience when it comes to offering best pricing, tight spreads, little slippage, and, in general, deep markets.

Liquidity Rewards will reward liquidity providers with PTF tokens based on the amount of liquidity they maintain with PowerTrade in each epoch, and adding liquidity through PowerPools is one of the easiest way to contribute liquidity on PowerTrade.

Rewards are distributed based on epochs (usually 28-day period each), we will announce the epoch period prior to the start of each epoch. The amount of PTF tokens you receive will be based on the allocated PTF tokens for that epoch and your contribution to the total liquidity within PowerTrade within the same epoch.

Here’s how it works:

Triple Threat: Supercharge Your Investments 🚀

Liquidity rewards play a crucial role in our exchange, in particular with other key product offerings like PowerPools and the PowerDAO (coming soon). These three offerings: Liquidity Rewards, PowerPools, and the PowerDAO, create a virtuous cycle that we are referring to as “triple threat” in how our users will benefit from it.

  1. PowerPools: Liquidity Pools allow users to earn yield in USD and provide a state-of-the-art AMM (automated market maker) for users to add liquidity to the platform.
  2. PowerRewards: With the Liquidity Rewards program, users will earn additional rewards in PTF tokens for providing liquidity (including the provision of liquidity via PowerPools).
  3. PowerDAO (coming soon): Will allow staking of PTF tokens and reward based on DAO NAV and Exchange VAR. Thus users staking on the PowerDAO will participate in rewards for up to 25% of exchange fees that will be distributed to all PTF token stakers.

Trading Rewards – Trade on PowerTrade, Earn PTF 💰

For traders on PowerTrade, we are also launching trading rewards.

Our Trading Rewards Program is designed to reward users for actively trading and maintaining open interest on PowerTrade. All you need to do is trade actively on PowerTrade to receive rewards.

At the end of each epoch, we will calculate the amount of transactions and open interest that you and other users have generated within the epoch, and you will receive a share of the total reward pool in proportion to your transacted amount.

Here’s how it works:

Reward Amount and Epoch 1 Dates ⚡️

We thought it was important to time the launch of the initial epoch to coincide or at least be close to the launch of PowerPools. Therefore, Epoch 0 starts on Monday Feb 14, 2022. A dashboard to monitor and manage liquidity and trading rewards will be launching soon after.

This initial epoch will last 14 days and we will be distributing a total of 250,000 PTF tokens to liquidity providers. And another 250,000 PTF tokens will be distributed as Trading Rewards to active traders.

All users, including market makers, individual makers, and others will be able to enjoy the rewards.

As always, thank you for choosing PowerTrade.

The PowerTrade Team

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