We're excited to announce PowerRewards Epoch 1 - Liquidity and Trading Rewards Program. Don't miss the chance to receive up to 1 MILLION PTF (~$140,000 USD) worth of pooled rewards!

Start earning PowerRewards in two ways 💰:

  1. PowerPools:  Become an LP (Liquidity Provider) by creating a pool and earn yield in USD.
  2. Trading Rewards: Trade on PowerTrade to qualify for rewards.

[Epoch 1 Details]

Period: 21 Mar 2022 at 00:00 UTC - 18 Apr 2022 23:59 UTC

  • Total Rewards: 1M PTF Tokens (~$140,000 USD equivalent)

Trading Rewards: 500k

- Options: 400k

- Spot: 100k

Liquidity Provider Rewards: 500k

- Options: 10k

- Spot: 400k

  • Lockup: 90 days

At the end of the epoch, you can check your rewards here: see rewards.

We will calculate the amount of transactions and open interest that you and other users have generated within the epoch, and you will receive a share of the total reward pool in proportion to your transacted amount.

Thank you for trading with us.

-The PowerTrade Team

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