PowerTrade is seeking a powerful, innovative group of ambassadors to join our team.

Whether you are a crypto expert or new to the industry, we invite you to join us and our community where we can learn and grow alongside each other and share our vision of creating a space where lucrative trading is for everyone.

PowerTrade provides an intuitive and powerful product that helps traders easily analyze the market, assess risks, and find profitable trading opportunities.

And we want to mobilize and grow our community to enable more people can make smarter and more profitable trades.

Here's where you come in!

With our first group of brand ambassadors, you will get a rare chance at building and growing the future of crypto, all while earning points and rewards and joining a community of like-minded individuals.

What you will do as a PowerTrade brand ambassador:

  1. Help drive awareness & position PowerTrade as an authority in crypto options via social media
  2. Create blog posts about PowerTrade, options / derivatives, DeFi, or related topics
  3. Create memes that drive awareness of PowerTrade - humor is a plus ++
  4. Creating content in your local language or for your community - we are a global group
  5. Demonstrate to your community and followers how badass PowerTrade is on social media - think YouTube videos, IGTV, Facebook Live
  6. Collaborate and connect with a community of other trading fanatics - we're super cool, you'll have fun
  7. Recruit and refer friends and followers to push our community to new heights
  8. Give your input about strategic decisions PowerTrade should make in the future - we want to hear from YOU

What's in it for you? Good question

We have designed our program to be extremely rewarding for you, no bullshit.

If you become our brand ambassador, you will get the chance to -

  • Earn points each time you post on social media, engage with our content, or create content for PowerTrade
  • Use those points to earn rewards, such as
  • PowerTrade swag
  • Token packs
  • PowerTrade-related NFTs
  • Exclusive events with the team
  • Grow your community and learn from experts in the industry
  • Play an influential role in the shaping and decisions PowerTrade makes

Are you ready to grow alongside us?

If you are passionate about helping grow an ecosystem that promotes a fair and reliable place for everyone to trade, then we want you on our team.

Together, we can drive adoption, educate our community, and become an authoritative player in the crypto industry. But we can't do it without you!

We look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions, and sharing awesome memes.

Are you ready to join us? Then apply below!

How to apply

Please submit your application here, and we will review each application. Once you are approved into the program, you will be given access to CrewFire (the platform we host our program on) as well as our PowerTrade Bulls Telegram group and get your program materials.

We'll wait for you on the inside!