We are pleased to announce that the PowerTrade Beta started rolling out to our waiting list.

The objective with the beta is to get feedback on the PowerTrade app, as well as stress test the various systems, from sign in, to deposits and withdrawals, to order books and trade matching, and everything else that goes into running an exchange system.

This will also be a test of our market making systems and various pricing and liquidation systems. Therefore we will start slowly and ramp it up over time.

We have roughly 20,000 people on the waitlist, and several hundred who volunteered to be beta testers.

We will be sending invites via TestFlight (Android will come later) to people on the beta tester list first. You can still volunteer to be a beta tester here: https://power.trade/beta-testers/

Slowly at first, about 10 per day. As we test the various systems we will start increasing the daily invites to 100 per day, then 1000 per day, until the entire waitlist has been invited.

The waitlist rollout will take about 3-4 weeks which will allow us to make sure we have a controlled start and everything is running smoothly for the public launch.

Once we've completed the beta testing phase, the app will be opened for anyone to use PowerTrade (excepted in restricted countries).

Happy year of the bull!
The PowerTrade Team