We're thrilled to announce our strategic partnership between PowerTrade and BitMEX, renowned leader in the crypto derivatives industry.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in trading finds a perfect complement with BitMEX's pedigree in the derivatives space.

Together, we're bringing deep liquidity, unrivaled market access, and more to traders, creating more profitable opportunities than ever before.

What's in Store?

This partnership is a fusion of BitMEX's market-leading liquidity, PowerTrade's cutting-edge technology, and the shared vision of both platforms to enhance the trading experience for all users.

Prepare for an experience where:

  • Revolutionary Liquidity becomes the norm, offering a trading experience unseen in crypto derivatives.
  • Dynamic Trading emerges from the fusion of BitMEX's and PowerTrade's infrastructure and technology.
  • Expanded Market Access opens a spectrum of untapped trading instruments, available here, first.

Leading the Charge

BitMEX, since their inception, has been a pillar in the crypto derivatives world, pushing the boundaries of what traders can achieve. Innovations like the Perpetual Swap, and their unwavering commitment to security and transparency, mirror our values at PowerTrade.

This partnership with BitMEX's combines their extensive expertise in the derivatives space with our commitment to enhancing the trading experience.

We can't wait to share what we've been working on.

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