Dear PowerTraders,

We are pleased to announce that after a successful pre-sale and community sale the PowerTrade Fuel (PTF) token contracts have been deployed and are now trading on BitMax and Uniswap!

Contract Address

The contract address for the PTF token is:


**Security Warning**
Please be aware of scams and fake tokens. Always check the contract address. If you have any questions please contact our support team in Discord.

Where to Trade PTF

You can trade PTF on Bitmax here:

You can trade PTF on Uniswap here:

You can view PTF listing information on Uniswap here:

Trading Information and tools:

Claiming Unlocked Tokens

For presale token holders, you can check and claim your unlocked tokens in the Fuel Token unlocking interface:

We have a guide coming shortly, so if you are not confident in doing this please be patient.

Adding PTF to MetaMask

When new tokens are listed they often need to be added manually to Metamask. You can add PTF token to Metamask by following this guide

You must add the PTF token contract address


And you must add 18 decimals of precision

Thank you so much for your support, please join Telegram and Discord to chat with our community and ask any questions.