Today, we’re happy to announce the Power Trade Fuel token (PTF), a DAO token which backs traders on the PowerTrade platform.

PowerTrade is the fastest and easiest way to trade crypto options on-the-go. With low minimums you can trade calls or puts anytime. Advanced traders can execute more sophisticated strategies like spreads, iron condors, and straddles.

The Power of the Fuel Token (PTF)

PTF is backed by the value of the PowerTrade DAO treasury and is designed to fuel incentives between traders and the end product in a way that no other exchange token has done before. Additionally, PTF acts as a governance token for the risk mitigation parameters of the PowerTrade platform.

Why should you care?

PowerTrade is the platform to level up with crypto options and derivatives on mobile, allowing you to be more bullish or bearish on your trades with less risk.

In addition, the PowerTrade exchange roadmap aims for progressive decentralization. The first step on the road to community driven decentralization is the PTF DAO token.

How can you earn PTF?

Starting from now we are running a number of community reward campaigns where you can earn PTF tokens. The following campaigns are launching today:

Referral campaign: By signing up to the PowerTrade waitlist and referring friends, you will be earning PTF. The more friends you invite, the quicker you move up the waitlist. The higher your rank on the waitlist, the more tokens you earn. 250,000 PTF tokens to be given away. Sign up on

Meme competition: Join our discord or telegram and post a meme from now until Sept 8. Every meme will be reviewed by the PowerTrade team and there will be 10,000 PTF tokens rewarded to the winners.

Rules: i) Memes can be in the form of images, text, or other medium. ii) Memes must be submitted in #memes-competition channel on our Discord.

Prizes: Top-5 PowerTrade memeologists will receive 2000 PTF each.

Sticker pack competition: We need aspiring artists to make our Telegram lively! We will be giving away 10,000 PTF tokens to the winners of our Telegram sticker pack competition.

Rules: i) Stickers must be creative, original and unique to PowerTrade ii) Stickers must be sent to

Prizes: Top-5 Sticker makers will receive 2000 PTF each.

That’s all! Competitions end on 8th of September. We will pick the winners ourselves based on the quality of the submissions.

Community invite competition: Are you someone with a massive network and following? Invite your friends to PowerTrade Discord and get rewarded with PTF tokens.

Rules: i) Cheaters will be disqualified ii) PowerTrade team isn’t eligible.

Prizes: Top-5 winners will receive 2000 PTF each.

NOTE: US/ OFAC countries aren't eligible to receive tokens.


Please join our communities on Discord and Telegram to take part in our reward programs.