We are extremely excited to announce that the PowerTrade iOS App will be publicly available in the app store on April 15th, 2021!

This launch comes at an incredibly exciting time for the crypto community and we can’t wait for everyone to have access to easy to use options trading so they can start buying Calls and Puts to trade the Bitcoin volatility.

The app will launch with BTC options first, with ETH and other assets on the way! At launch the deposit collateral is USDT and the options contracts are in USDT terms.

In the coming weeks and months, margining and other types of collateral will be rolled out for a full options trading experience!

This Thursday, traders who are not in the prohibited countries such as the US, will be able to download the app on iOS and buy Calls and Puts on BTC.

In the mean time you can get familiar with options trading on PowerTrade with our Options 101 thread.

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