As PowerTrade prepares to release the app beta to a wider audience in January, we must ensure that the platform is highly secure and stable so traders funds are always safe.

We are excited to announce that PowerTrade as partnered with Halborn to harden the exchange security.

Halborn has been hard at work trying to hack into PowerTrade, to make sure there are no weak spots in the exchange architecture, also known as penetration testing.

Halborn has been auditing the PowerTrade code and architecture, starting with the smart contract audit on the PTF token in September 2020.

Halborn is particularly well suited to be the cybersecurity partner for PowerTrade. In addition to their blockchain and smart contract abilities, having written the industry leading course on blockchain security auditing, the Halborn team has experience with exchanges such as Coinbase, traditional finance Fortune 500s, and are active traders themselves.

Rob Behnke, CEO of Halborn commented:

Halborn's team has backgrounds rooted in Financial services. The experience and knowledge obtained from this segment enhances our ability to know the "what" and the "how" in securing an exchange. Some of the security engineers are also active traders as well, and have gone as far as writing custom algorithmic trading scripts as a hobby.

When asked about Halborn's credentials, Rob said:

Well, for starters we won one of the most prestigious hacker hackathons, 1st place at this year's SANS NetWars competition out of 9300 teams, and have also previously won 1st place at the EOS SF hacktahon and Wyoming Blockchain hackthons.  Our team have some of the top security credentials possible including OSCE, OSWP, OSCP, CISSP, GWAPT.  We're now the authors and instructors of SANS' first blockchain and smart contract security course as well.

Rob also stated:

As the world of decentralized finance quickly gobbles up the world of centralized finance, there will be massive opportunities  to create and nurture huge companies that start small and grow fast.  We see the team at PowerTrade as being a dream team of who you'd want to man each position.  Options trading for the masses is a need and we see this team as being setup to knock this out of the park.  We're very excited.

The PowerTrade team is very excited to be working with Halborn and view the security review and penetration testing as one of the final steps to bringing the PowerTrade platform to production in coming weeks.

PowerTrade also invites technical traders to visit the newly released PowerTrade API docs to get a head start on platform integration.