PowerTrade has seen a steady rise in trading activity, reaching a high of $38.4 million USD in notional volume in the past 30 days. For a live look at the total open interest, volume, and options flow, click to see data here.

We have been focusing on delivering the best trading experience and we’re excited to be announcing the following product updates:

  1. Position Table Redesign:
  • Available on our web, the position table redesign will allow our users the ability to group positions by rows and expiry.
  • Additional features include the ability to search by instrument or product along with the ability to export/copy to CSV.

2. Automated Market Maker (AMM) - PowerPools

  • See the full details of our PowerPools release in our previous post -> see blog
  • PowerPools is currently available in private beta, if you'd like to join our Beta tester telegram group to try this feature out earlier, ping us with your telegram username at [email protected]
  • Public release is scheduled for Feb 8th, 2022.

3. Multi-Leg Strategies

  • Available in private beta (mobile).
  • Web public release will be announced soon.

4. Perpetual Futures

  • PowerTrade Perpetuals are a margin product that allows users to take a view on a crypto asset price  (BTC, ETH, etc.) and profit on the asset’s appreciation or depreciation without having to hold the actual crypto asset.
  • PowerTrade Perpetuals settle in cash (USD) and do not require the user to hold or deliver the actual asset.
  • Release date will be announced soon.

5. Incentive Programs

There will be two incentive programs, the Trading Rewards and Liquidity Provider Programs. Rewards will be in PTF tokens and will be available for both mobile and web. PTF tokens distributed through the programs will be locked for a period of time (to be announced).

  • Trading Rewards Program - rewards takers for trading on the PowerTrade platform.
  • Liquidity Provider Program - rewards market makers for making on the PowerTrade platform.

6. Affiliate Program

All qualified users can earn up to 50% commissions on trading fees collected in your network, sign-up link will be available soon on our home page.

7. Localization

We will be supporting Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese languages on our web and mobile apps.

8. PowerDAO

  • The PowerTrade Fuel Token (PTF) is a DAO token which governs the treasury that covers PowerTrade traders in the unlikely event of a black swan.
  • The DAO is an alternative to exchange insurance funds that are generally funded via liquidation and trade fees and often outperform the market during downturns, detailed information regarding the DAO will be announced soon.

9. Sub-account Management

  • Sub-accounts are accounts that belong to a main account that allow for isolating positions and balances.
  • With sub-accounts, users can seamlessly switch between each sub-account as well as supporting multiple users per account (ideal for brokers and money managers who require managing funds)

10. Copy Trading

  • Copy trading allows anyone to copy the shape of another account’s portfolio and risk.
  • We will be offering a single landing page for copy trading for Gamma Boss portfolio, our free trading community led by Richard Hodges, Head of Risk and Markets at PowerTrade. (The Gamma Boss TG community covers foundational information to improve your trading and understanding of risk management and is ideal for beginner to advanced traders looking for an improved route to profitably trading.)

🐅 Happy Lunar New Year and we hope to trade together with you in 2022!

The PowerTrade Team

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