Dear PowerTraders,

We are pleased to announce two initiatives for PowerTrade Fuel (PTF) token holders.

Uniswap Liquidity Provider Campaign Incentives

Our Uniswap liquidity campaign enables PTF holders to earn PTF rewards by providing PTF and ETH tokens to the PTF <> ETH Uniswap pool and staking Uni-LP tokens with PowerTrade at

A total of 650,000 PTF tokens will be distributed over a period of 30 days. These rewards will be assigned every second to anyone who stakes their PTF/ETH Uniswap LP tokens, based on their percentage of the overall staked pool.

Key dates

Status: Pre-Staking Open
Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Oct 5, 2pm, UTC 2020
Rewards Close: Nov 3, 2pm UTC 2020
Rewards available: 650,000 PTF

Uniswap PTF Info Page:

Uniswap PTF <> ETH Pool:

Guide to becoming a PTF LP on Uniswap:

Staking Rewards Contract:

There are a number of risks associated with becoming a Liquidity Provider on Uniswap. These include but are not limited to smart contract risks and impermanent loss. PowerTrade takes no responsibility for any losses incurred through this initiative.

BitMax Pre-Staking

BitMax Pre-Staking enables PTF holders to earn PTF rewards by delegating tokens at BitMax.

Key dates

Status: Pre-Staking Live at BitMax
Staking Opens: Oct 2, 11am, EDT 2020
Staking Closes: Jan 2, 10am EST 2021
Estimated APR: 50% in week 1

For further details and to begin pre-staking, visit

Any questions?

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