In October, we introduced our Uniswap staking program, an experiment in incentivizing community liquidity to the PTF/ETH Uniswap pair.

The campaign was a success!

Uniswap liquidity quickly increased to $600k and maintained the $500k-600k range for the duration of the program.

Participants have been earning between 280% - 700% APR throughout the 30 day program, with about 100 unique addresses interacting with the staking contract.

On October 20, we also had the first PowerTrade community call where Dan Elitzer joined us to discuss PTF staking strategies

After the success of this program, we are renewing it for November, with a few twists!

November PTF Staking Program

In November, we will make 2 major updates to the staking program.

We will be moving over to the GYSR staking platform to manage staking.

This platform will make it easier for new people to discover PTF and join the community, and has some unique features.

With GYSR, stakers are rewarded for keeping their tokens staked for longer, in the form of reward multipliers.

The longer you keep your LP tokens staked, the higher the APR multiple goes! The reward multiplier for this month will be 3x.

This means if you stake for the entire 30 day duration, your multiple will be 3x. If instead you withdraw after 15 days, your multiple will only be 1.5x.

The other change to the program is for the inclusion of Balancer LP tokens! The rewards in November will be split between the Uniswap pool and the Balancer pool.

We are including Balancer in the liquidity incentive program because of the unique features that Balancer enables. With Balancer, you have more flexibility to create pools with more than 2 assets, so you can automatically rebalance your portfolio like an index.

The other benefit of Balancer is the ability to set any asset weights besides the typical 50/50 weight, such as 30/70 or 97/3.

When using the Balancer exchange to swap tokens, the liquidity is sourced from all the available pools, at the best price.

The first Balancer pool we are incentivizing is a 50/50 PTF/ETH pool. If you have ideas for other Balancer pools you'd like to see incentivized, please let us know!

Once you provide liquidity to Balancer, you will then be able to stake your Balancer LP tokens on GYSR, just like you do with Uniswap LP tokens.

Staking Details

Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Nov 3, 2pm, UTC 2020
Rewards Close: Dec 3, 2pm UTC 2020
Rewards available: 200,000 PTF

Uniswap Pool:
Balancer Pool:

GYSR Uniswap Staking:
GYSR Balancer Staking: