Round 11 renews monthly staking for Uniswap, Balancer, and Kyber.

Balancer has discontinued the liquidity mining program so no BAL rewards are available this month.

A bug in the calculation of APR displayed on the website was fixed (mostly affected the Kyber pool).

Staking Details

Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Aug 3, 2021, ~3pm UTC
Rewards Close: Sept 2, 2021, ~3pm UTC
Rewards available: 200,000 PTF

Uniswap Pool (75,000 PTF rewards):

Balancer Pool (75,000 PTF rewards):

Kyber Pool (50,000 PTF rewards):

Stake here:


Uniswap LP staking:

Balancer LP staking:

Kyber LP staking: