The November staking campaign is coming to a close, so it is now time to announce the December campaign!

Before getting to the next campaign, a quick summary of staking round 2:

  • Round 2 took place on an innovative new staking platform: GYSR
  • Balancer was added as an additional staking pool
  • Participants earned around 50% - 150% APR throughout the program
  • Liquidity grew to over $700k between Balancer and Uniswap!
Balancer Liquidity Pool

December PTF Staking Program

For December, we are moving back to the PowerTrade staking contracts that we used in October.

Going forward we plan to stay on the PowerTrade staking platform, with rewards being renewed monthly.

As this is a fork of the Uniswap rewards contract (which is a fork of the Synthetix contract), this means you will need to claim your rewards before the end of the month, or else they will roll over into the next month's reward pool.

Again, your rewards tokens will be donated to the next month's reward pool if you don't claim them by the end of the month!

Be sure to stay on top of claiming!

In December, 200,000 PTF will be split evenly as rewards for staking either the Uniswap LP token or the Balancer LP token. 100,000 PTF to each pool.

The original staking interface at will be updated to stake both types of LP tokens.

Transferring from GYSR is as easy as unstaking in he GYSR interface and then opening the PowerTrade Stake interface and clicking stake.

If this is your first time staking, you can refer to our original guide for providing liquidity to the Uniswap pool.

Now that PTF has multiple liquidity pools, you can get the best price for buying and selling PTF at DEX aggregator, which fills orders at the best price on all DEXes:

In addition to the liquidity mining rewards, staking on BitMax will still be offered but at the reduced rate of 33% APR.

Staking Details

Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Dec 3, 2pm, UTC 2020
Rewards Close: Jan 2, 2pm UTC 2021
Rewards available: 200,000 PTF

Uniswap Pool (100,000 PTF rewards):

Balancer Pool (100,000 PTF rewards):

Stake here: