Round 6 is for 30 days of staking rewards with new reward structures and some additional bonus rewards!

Last month we were able to setup BAL rewards and claim them! 608 BAL were claimed, which has been used to purchase PTF resulting in a 26,565 PTF bonus. This bonus is being adding to the Balancer LP rewards for this month.

You will need to un-stake from the Round 5 contracts and re-stake to the Round 6 contracts.

Staking Details

Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Mar 4, 2021, 5pm UTC
Rewards Close: Apr 3, 2021, 5pm UTC
Rewards available: 160,000 PTF (+26,565 PTF bonus from BAL)

Uniswap Pool (80,000 PTF rewards):

Balancer Pool (106,565 PTF rewards):

Stake here:


Uniswap LP staking:

Balancer LP staking: