In Round 7 staking we are switching our staking contracts to the Synthetix StakingRewards contract!

What this means for you:

  1. You won't need to unstake and restake every month!
  2. Your rewards will expire (and be lost) at the end of the month.

This is due to the way the Synthetix staking contract works. The new contract allow us to renew the staking period without deploying new contracts, but they also add any unclaimed rewards to the next reward pool at the end of the period.

So going forward, be sure to claim your rewards before the expiration so you don't lose them!

You will need to un-stake from the Round 6 contracts and re-stake to the staking V2 contracts one last time!

This month 128.609 BAL was claimed, and sold for PTF resulting in a 4,604.836 PTF bonus. This bonus is being adding to the Balancer LP rewards for this month.

Staking Details

Duration: 30 days
Rewards Open: Apr 3, 2021, 3pm UTC
Rewards Close: May 3, 2021, 3pm UTC
Rewards available: 200,000 PTF (+4,604.836 PTF bonus from BAL)

Uniswap Pool (75,000 PTF rewards):

Balancer Pool (79,604.836 PTF rewards):

Secret Pool (50,000 PTF rewards):
A new pool on a new type of AMM will be announced later in April 😉

Stake here:


Uniswap LP staking:

Balancer LP staking:


Some people are experiencing issues unstaking or claiming rewards with the interface.

The work around until the UI gets fixed is to use Etherscan:

Under "Write Contract" connect your web3 wallet. Choose the "exit" function and click the "write" button. This transaction will unstake your LP tokens and claim your rewards.

Uniswap March:

Balancer March:

You should still be able to stake in the V2 pool using the interface.