At PowerTrade, we’re dedicated to equipping our community with the most advanced and accessible solutions to thrive financially.

Last month, we embarked on a comprehensive reimagining of the PowerTrade Fuel (PTF) token to increase both rewards and utility for holders.

Today, we’re introducing a major revamp of PTF that will roll out over the coming months. With the focus on rewarding holders, there’s never been a better time to own PTF. The new token model brings:

  • Yield Farming: Stakers now share in up to 25% of trading fees generated on the platform.
  • Insurance Fund: Safeguard against extreme market events and reduce risk for traders.
  • Trader Tools: Access a suite of trading bots, structured products, and more by using PTF.
  • Trading Competitions: Enter trading competitions, climb the leaderboards, and earn additional rewards
  • VIP Status: Unlock specialized services, voting, and exclusive benefits by staking PTF.

This revamp brings new tools, perks, and rewards for stakers. Notably, up to 25% of the trading fees generated by the exchange will now be rewarded to stakers.

We’re thrilled to show you what we’ve been working on.

For a comprehensive overview of the new features, read the PTF Token Litepaper.

Introducing: The New PTF

Boosted Staking and Rewards

At the core of the PTF redesign are staking rewards and the new PowerBooster (PB) bonus points system. After the change, stakers earn a share of 25% of the exchange’s trading fee revenue. Stakers also earn PowerBooster (PB) points, increasing your share of the rewards.

  • Revenue Share: Share in up to 25% of the trading fees generated on the platform, with earnings paid out in USDC.
  • Bonus Points: PowerBooster points earn revenue at the same rate as PTF. Earn PB automatically by staking and locking your tokens to increase the rate at which you earn PB.
  • Active Rewards: Traders and Liquidity Providers can earn extra PowerBooster through active trading and liquidity provisioning.

Trading fees are distributed equally among stakers, based on their combined PTF and PowerBooster points—so the more you have, the bigger share of the trading rewards you’ll earn. We’ll also run campaigns to earn additional PB through competitions, giveaways, and more.

PowerTrade Insurance Fund

We’ve also established an Insurance Fund (IF) to act as a buffer against financial shocks from extreme market movements. The fund is designed to ensure traders are never liable for more than their initial margin, while still allowing profitable traders to realize their expected gains.

  • Prevent Auto Deleveraging (ADL): The IF steps in to cover the deficit between the liquidation price and the market price, preventing ADL which could negatively affect profitable traders.
  • Absorbing Shock from Extreme Market Events: The IF acts as a buffer to absorb financial shocks from extreme market movements, preventing cascades of liquidations and ADL.
  • Maintaining Solvency: The IF helps in ensuring that the platform remains solvent even during adverse market conditions by managing liquidations efficiently.

The Insurance Fund is a cornerstone in maintaining a stability and reliability on PowerTrade.

Advanced Trading, Simplified

Another key feature of the PTF redesign is a set of powerful products called Trader Tools.

Now, executing professional-grade trades and strategies is simple. Access algorithmic trading bots and structured products, typically reserved for professional traders, right from your dashboard. Choose the right tool for your trade, use PTF to fuel it up, and sit back while the tools get to work.

  • Choose Your Tool: Explore a library of tools available directly on your dashboard.
  • Fuel with PTF: Select a tool that suits your trading strategy, then "fuel" it with PTF tokens to activate its features.
  • Token Burn: A portion of the PTF used to fuel these tools is burned, removing it from circulation forever.

With Trader Tools, executing complex trades becomes straightforward. Using PTF to access these tools, we're offering everybody the trading edge once reserved for professional traders.

Enter the Arena

To help build the PowerTrade community, we’re introducing trading competitions designed to test your trading skills. There are different types and levels of competition to enter, and should you succeed, you’ll be rewarded.

  • Enter and Trade: Choose which competition to enter, each with its rules and rewards. Some competitions will require PTF to enter.
  • Climb the Leaderboard: Your trading performance places you on the public leaderboard. Top performers win rewards PB and PTF rewards.
  • Community Choice: Use your staked PTF to vote on competition rules or trading pairs.

Some of these competitions will be free, while others will require PTF to enter. Generally speaking, competitions that require PTF to enter will have larger reward pools.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, these competitions provide a stage to test your strategies, compete, and earn.

Premium Perks

We want to recognize PowerTraders who stake substantial PTF by giving them Premium Status. Get the royal treatment—unlock specialized services and exclusive benefits when your staked PTF reaches the VIP threshold.

  • VIP Access: Stake a designated amount of PTF tokens to attain your VIP status and unlock exclusive features.
  • Personalized Services: Benefit from priority customer support and gain early access to new platform features.
  • Shape the Platform: Utilize your staked PTF to influence new features and trading pairs on PowerTrade.

Premium Status is our way of supporting those who support us and gives you a way to influence and participate in PowerTrade's continued growth. Over the coming months, we’ll add perks to the Premium program, such as PowerTrade merch, exclusive events, and more.

Get Started with the New PTF

In April, we launched a brand refresh to reflect our mission and values better. This revamp of PTF is a continuation of the work we started back then.

We're excited about the new phase of PowerTrade, and we believe these changes will help you trade better and thrive financially.

The new PTF will debut in the coming months.

Next Steps

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  3. Buy PTF: Buy PTF tokens on or AscendEX and be ready for the new features. For volume purchases, contact us directly.

The new PTF: Fuel the Power.