At PowerTrade, we're always striving to provide the best possible trading experience for our customers. As part of that commitment, we're refreshing our brand to better reflect our mission and values. In this blog post, we'll take a look back at our journey so far and outline our plans for the future.

Why the Refresh?

PowerTrade has come a long way since our launch in 2020. With the introduction of mobile apps, multi-leg options trading, and record monthly volumes achieved in 2023, we've become a leading platform for institutional firms and professional traders. But as we've grown, we've also evolved, and we believe that it's time for our brand to reflect that evolution.

Our brand refresh is a work in progress and better represents who we are as a company. You’ll notice things continue to evolve.

A Retrospective

2020: Launch of the PTF Token

In 2020, we launched the PTF token, which serves as a utility token for our platform. The launch of the token was a significant milestone for us, as it allowed us to build a community of options traders who share our vision.

2021: Mobile App Launch and Basic Options Trading

In 2021, we launched our mobile app for iOS and Android, making it even easier for traders to access our platform on the go. We introduced basic options trading, which allowed traders to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum European style, cash-settled USD options with ease.

2022: RFQ, Multi-Leg Options, Full Derivatives Suite, Copper/Clearloop Integration

2022 was a year of major growth for PowerTrade. We introduced an RFQ system, which allowed traders to build multi-legged options structures (up-to 10 legs) and trade them as an atomic unit - no minimums.

We also expanded our product suite to include perpetuals, futures, and spot markets to form a full derivatives suite. In addition, we integrated with Copper/ Clearloop for customers to self-custody assets and trade on our platform.

2023: Record Monthly Volumes Achieved

In 2023, we achieved record monthly volumes, with MoM volume growth of 75%. This is a testament to the hard work of our team and the growing demand for our platform among institutional customers and professional traders.

Looking forward

Alt-Coin Options, Investment Products

Looking ahead, we have several exciting initiatives planned for the coming months. First, we will be introducing options for the top 25 alt-coins, providing traders with even more options and flexibility.

We will also be launching structured investment products that allow traders to invest with ease. These products are designed with a focus on simplicity.

Integration with Other Custodians

We're excited to announce that we are integrating with other custodians. This will provide our customers with even more options for managing their assets on our platform.

Deeper Liquidity

As we onboard more market makers for options, perpetuals, and futures, we will be able to provide even deeper liquidity for our customers. This will make it even easier for traders to execute their trades with minimal slippage.

Pro Mobile App

We're working on a new version of our mobile app that will provide even more advanced features for our customers. The Pro Mobile App is designed with a focus on power users.

Easy Options (Dailies)

This new feature and product will allow traders to easily trade daily options. This will allow traders to take advantage of short-term market movements.

Advanced Trading Tools

We are constantly working to improve our platform and have several advanced trading tools in the works. These tools will provide traders with even more capabilities to analyze and execute their trades, allowing them to take their trading strategies to the next level.

Increased Utility for PTF Token

Finally, we're also working to increase the utility of the PTF token. In the coming months, we'll be introducing new features and benefits for PTF holders.

Refreshed Brand Identity

Our refreshed brand identity reflects our commitment to accessibility and ease of use. With our focus on USD-settled, euro-style options, and our commitment to innovation and customer experience, we believe that our new brand better represents who we are as a company.

In conclusion, PowerTrade has achieved a lot in a short period of time, and we're just getting started. With our refreshed brand and focus on innovation and accessibility, we're confident that we will continue to be a leader in the cryptocurrency derivatives space.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to serving you at PowerTrade.