We are excited to announce that subaccounts are now live! This feature allows our users to create and manage multiple accounts under a single master (main) account.

Users can create as many subaccounts which includes its own wallet, account health and margin, so you can track trading activities for each subaccount separately.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Segregate various trading styles/strategies for each subaccount

2. Enjoy the same trading features as main account

3. Create unlimited number of new subaccounts

4. Transfer assets for free between subaccounts

5. When one of your subaccount goes into liquidation, it will not affect the rest of your subaccount

Create a subaccount with just a few clicks, check out the mobile previews below:

Viewing subaccounts portfolio & transferring between subaccounts:

Switching Between Subaccounts in PowerPools:

Create your subaccount and let us know what you think!

- The PowerTrade Team

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