Dear Power Traders,

As we gear up for the PowerTrade launch we want to share our vision for the future of the platform.

PowerTrade is on a mission to be the easiest platform to trade crypto options.

For those new to crypto options, this means that with PowerTrade you can be bullish, bearish or both, on Bitcoin, Ether and other leading cryptocurrencies.

To achieve this goal the PowerTrade platform has been built with a product focus, user-friendly design and exceptional technical performance. The first version of PowerTrade will be:

Mobile First
To give traders an optimal experience for trading options the PowerTrade platform is mobile-first with an intuitive interface for beginners and pros alike. This enables access to trading opportunities when at home or on-the-go.

Committed to Low Minimums
New traders often wish to test platforms with low minimums. The PowerTrade platform uses fractional contracts which allow traders to get started with as little as $1.

Built for Beginner and Advanced Traders
PowerTrade makes access to crypto options simple for beginner traders with a carefully designed trading experience. Through the same interface, advanced traders will also be able to execute sophisticated strategies from their mobile device such as iron condors, straddles, and strangles.

Platform Timeline
The PowerTrade platform will be available for private beta access for early sign-ups in Q3 2020. To gain early access please sign up here.

Over the next year and beyond we will aggressively be releasing new features to make PowerTrade then number one platform for options trading. Here is a preview of our estimated timeline.

Next Steps
The next steps for PowerTrade are to continue to build our community of traders and release the beta versions of the PowerTrade platform.

Get early access to PowerTrade by joining our waitlist and participate in the discussion on telegram or discord.