Many exchanges claim to offer “portfolio margin” as a selling point. However, not all portfolio margin systems are created equal.

While many exchanges claim to provide portfolio margin, their implementations may fall short of delivering a true portfolio margin experience, with limited risk offsetting capabilities and less efficient capital usage.

PowerTrade, on the other hand, offers “True Portfolio Margin” – a sophisticated and comprehensive approach that genuinely reflects the net risk across your entire portfolio, allowing for more effective risk management and capital efficiency.

This article provides an overview of PowerTrade’s margin system.

What is Portfolio Margin - A Layman's Explanation

Portfolio Margin is an innovative approach to risk management that allows traders to utilize their entire portfolio's net risk to determine their margin requirements, rather than calculating margin for each individual position separately. In other words, instead of looking at each trade in isolation, PM takes into account the combined risk profile of your entire portfolio. This approach enables more efficient use of capital and often results in reduced margin requirements, particularly when positions within the portfolio offset one another.

Benefits of Portfolio Margin for Traders

Portfolio Margin offers several benefits for traders when compared to exchanges that do not offer this feature:

Lower Margin Requirements: Since PM calculates the net risk across your entire portfolio, it often results in lower margin requirements than if each position were assessed individually. This means that you can maintain more open positions with the same amount of capital, increasing your potential for gains.

Improved Risk Management: PM's holistic approach to risk assessment allows you to monitor your overall risk exposure more effectively. By recognizing the correlations and risk offsets between different positions, PM encourages smarter trading strategies and more efficient risk management.

Greater Flexibility: With reduced margin requirements, traders have more capital available to seize opportunities in the market. This allows for more strategic decision-making and the ability to capitalize on market movements quickly and efficiently.

Portfolio Margin in Action: Real-World Examples

To better understand the power of Portfolio Margin, let's look at a couple of examples where PM is beneficial:

Example 1: Long Spot BTC and Short BTC Perpetual Position Imagine you hold a long position in spot BTC (buying actual Bitcoin) while also holding a short position in a BTC perpetual contract (betting that the price of Bitcoin will decrease). In this scenario, the long spot position offsets the short perpetual position, reducing the overall risk and, consequently, the margin requirement.

Example 2: Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio Consider a trader with positions in various cryptocurrencies, both long and short, across different market sectors. This diversified portfolio is likely to exhibit a lower overall risk than a concentrated position in a single cryptocurrency. Portfolio Margin recognizes the reduced risk associated with diversification and adjusts the margin requirement accordingly.


Portfolio Margin is a powerful tool that differentiates our cryptocurrency derivatives exchange from the competition. It offers traders more efficient use of capital, better risk management, and greater flexibility when making investment decisions.

By understanding and utilizing Portfolio Margin, traders can unlock new opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency trading and take their strategies to new heights.

Take advantage of our unique Portfolio Margin feature and elevate your trading experience today!