PowerTrade continues to make waves in the industry, and we're thrilled to share our latest updates with you. From new product launches to record-breaking volume days, we're committed to providing a secure and cutting-edge trading experience for our institutional clients. Let's dive into the highlights of this month's update.

New Product, Futures Spreads

We're excited to announce the launch of our latest trading product: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) futures spreads. Now, clients can trade these spreads on our Request for Quote (RFQ) interface, including basis spreads between perpetuals and futures contracts.

Impressive Volume Growth

PowerTrade has experienced significant growth in recent months, with a month-over-month volume increase of +745% for options and a total volume growth of +75%. This demonstrates the growing demand for our crypto derivatives offerings.

Record-Breaking Days

We're proud to report three record volume days in the past month, reaching $25M, $50M, and $100M across various multi-leg BTC and ETH options. These milestones showcase the increasing interest in our platform and its trading capabilities.

Secure Trading with Copper Clearloop Integration

Security is a top priority for our exchange, and we're proud to offer secure trading through our integration with Copper Clearloop. This partnership ensures our clients can trade safely on PowerTrade without concerns about their funds.

European Cash Settled USD Options

As a friendly reminder, our options are linear European options and are USD cash-settled, providing a familiar and stable trading environment for our institutional clients.


Our platform offers multi-collateral for all product types. Clients can deposit stablecoins or any listed spot pairs (BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX) to trade BTC and ETH options, futures, and other derivatives, providing increased flexibility and capital efficiency for portfolio management.

SPAN Portfolio Margin Enabled by Default

To enhance trading efficiency, we enable SPAN portfolio margin by default. This feature allows for significant margin offset across Spot vs Short Call positions, Spot vs Perps, and Spot vs Futures, offering traders increased flexibility in managing their portfolios.

The Future of Trading

We're dedicated to continuous innovation and growth. We invite professional traders and institutional clients to experience our cutting-edge platform and benefit from the latest advancements in crypto derivatives trading. Join PowerTrade today and stay ahead of the curve.