PowerTrade is a top-tier crypto derivatives exchange, tailored for institutional firms and professional traders. Providing a full derivatives suite, RFQ, portfolio margin, multi-collateral, and a smooth user experience, PowerTrade is the ultimate choice for institutions and professionals looking to trade crypto derivatives with exceptional effectiveness and efficiency.

This post outlines PowerTrade's unique features and advantages, demonstrating why we stand out among competitors.

PowerTrade's Full Derivatives Suite

PowerTrade offers a full derivatives suite to meet the diverse needs of traders and investors in the crypto derivatives market. The platform supports options, perpetuals, futures, and spot trading, allowing users to execute a variety of strategies and manage their positions effectively.

A key feature of PowerTrade's options offering is its European-style, USD cash-settled contracts. The cash-settled nature of these options eliminates the need to hold the underlying asset, further simplifying the trading experience.

To sum up, PowerTrade's broad derivatives suite features:

  • Product Range: A wide range of trading options, including options, perpetuals, futures, and spot trading
  • European Style: European-style options, which can be exercised only at expiration
  • USD Settlement: USD cash-settled contracts for a familiar and stable trading environment
  • Alt-coin Expansion: Introduction of options for the top 25 alt-coins to cater to the growing demand for alt-coin options trading

These features demonstrate PowerTrade's dedication to providing a robust and versatile trading experience for its users, catering to their diverse needs and preferences.

User Experience: Web and Mobile

PowerTrade is committed to delivering an exceptional user experience across all platforms. Key aspects of the platform's user experience include:

  • Cross-Platform Access: Availability of both web and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive Design: Meticulously designed mobile apps that provide a seamless and user-friendly trading experience
  • Feature-Rich: All essential features and tools available at users' fingertips for efficient trading

These features underscore PowerTrade's dedication to constantly refining and enhancing its user experience, ensuring that traders and institutions can effortlessly navigate and execute their trading strategies on their preferred devices.

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Strategy Trading and RFQ

PowerTrade's platform is designed to cater to the sophisticated needs of institutional firms and professional traders by offering advanced strategy trading and a Request-for-Quote (RFQ) system. This system enables users to build and trade multi-legged structures for options and various spread trade strategies including basis trades (perpetual vs futures), futures spreads and even outright spot, perpetual and futures quotes as atomic units, allowing for more precise and efficient risk management.

RFQ System Overview

The RFQ system is designed for fast, efficient quotes from leading market makers, ensuring that users can execute their strategies in a timely manner. With responses provided within 5 seconds, 24/7, traders can capitalize on market opportunities as they arise.

10 Leg Option Structures

PowerTrade supports up to 10 leg option structures, enabling users to create complex strategies that cater to their specific risk management needs. This flexibility allows traders to take advantage of various market scenarios, hedge their positions, and achieve their investment objectives more effectively.

By offering strategy trading and an advanced RFQ system, PowerTrade demonstrates its commitment to providing a comprehensive and versatile trading platform that caters to the diverse needs of its user base.

PowerTrade's advanced strategy trading and RFQ system offer the following key advantages:

  • Multi-Leg Strategies: Users can build and trade multi-legged structures for precise risk management
  • Fast Quotes: Efficient quotes from leading market makers for swift execution of strategies
  • Quick Responses: RFQ system provides responses within 5 seconds, 24/7, ensuring users can act on market opportunities
  • 10 Leg Option Structures: Supports up to 10 leg option structures, allowing for the creation of complex strategies tailored to users' specific risk management needs
  • Flexible Trading: Enables traders to capitalize on various market scenarios, hedge positions, and achieve investment objectives more effectively

These features underline how PowerTrade has created a comprehensive and adaptable trading platform, tailored to cater to the diverse needs of its user base.

Capital Efficiency and Multi-Collateral Support

PowerTrade understands the importance of capital efficiency and flexibility for institutional firms and professional traders. As a result, the platform has implemented multi-collateral support and professional-grade SPAN/Portfolio Margin to help users optimize their trading experience.

Trading with Multiple Collateral: Diversify Collateral Options

Multi-collateral is enable by default, allowing users to trade with various collateral types, offering enhanced flexibility and efficient portfolio management:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Trade using different collateral types, such as stablecoins, BTC, ETH, SOL, and AVAX
  • Efficient Portfolio Management: Easily adapt to market conditions and execute preferred strategies with multiple collateral options
  • Optimized Trading Experience: Increased capital efficiency and flexibility through multi-collateral support

SPAN/Portfolio Margin Advantages: Optimize Your Margin Management

PowerTrade's default enabled SPAN/Portfolio Margin system provides traders with significant advantages in managing their margin requirements:

  • Margin Offsets: Benefit from margin offsets across various positions, including Spot vs Short Call, Spot vs Perps, and Spot vs Futures
  • Reduced Margin Requirements: Lower your margin requirements with SPAN/Portfolio Margin enabled by default
  • Improved Risk Management: Better manage risk exposure and enhance capital efficiency through optimized margin management

By emphasizing capital efficiency and multi-collateral support, PowerTrade showcases its dedication to providing a trader-focused platform that enables users to refine their strategies and capitalize on market opportunities.

Deep Liquidity

Deep liquidity is a critical component of any trading platform, especially for institutional traders. PowerTrade addresses this need through its collaboration with leading market makers and a focus on providing a stable trading environment:

The Importance of Deep Liquidity for Large Orders: Minimize Market Impact

Deep liquidity plays a vital role in reducing slippage and ensuring efficient trading for large orders:

  • Reduced Slippage: Minimizes the impact of large orders on the market, leading to more accurate execution
  • Efficient Trading: Allows institutional traders to enter and exit positions seamlessly without causing significant price fluctuations
  • Stable Environment: Deep liquidity creates a more stable trading environment for users

The Role of Leading Market Makers in Providing Fast and Efficient Quotes: Seamless Trading Execution

Deep liquidity plays a vital role in reducing slippage and ensuring efficient trading for large orders:

  • Ample Liquidity: Collaboration with top market makers ensures sufficient liquidity, even during periods of market volatility
  • Rapid Quotes: Fast and efficient quotes provided by leading market makers for seamless trading execution
  • Minimal Slippage: By working with reputable market makers, PowerTrade minimizes slippage for institutional traders

With deep liquidity as a core focus, PowerTrade ensures a seamless and efficient trading experience, enabling institutional firms and professional traders to confidently trade volatile markets.

High-Performance API and Connectivity

PowerTrade's high-performance API and connectivity solutions provide users with a seamless trading experience and lightning-fast data transfer.

Low Latency REST/Websocket Connectivity

Reliable and responsive connectivity is a critical aspect of an efficient trading platform, and PowerTrade's REST/Websocket connectivity ensures high performance and smooth interactions.

  • Rapid Transfer: Fast, real-time data transfer for seamless trading
  • Advanced Communication: Two-way interactive communication with WebSocket API
  • Reduced Latency: Quicker execution and improved trading experience

In summary, PowerTrade's high-performance API and connectivity solutions provide a responsive and seamless trading experience, keeping users at the forefront of the rapidly evolving crypto market.

Security and Custody

The protection of assets and ensuring a secure trading environment are essential for every trader. PowerTrade has integrated with leading custody solutions to provide users with the highest levels of security while maintaining full control over their assets.

Self-Custody through Integration with Copper, Bitgo, Anchorage, and More

PowerTrade partners with top-tier custody providers to enable self-custody and empower users with full control over their assets.

  • Trusted Partnerships: Integration with industry-leading custodians like Copper, Bitgo, and Anchorage
  • Complete Control: Maintain full control over your assets with self-custody options
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from the security measures provided by established custody solutions

Self-Custody through Integration with Copper, Bitgo, Anchorage, and More

Copper Clearloop's integration with PowerTrade ensures a safe and secure trading experience without compromising on performance.

  • Advanced Security: Copper Clearloop's cutting-edge technology safeguards assets during trading
  • Streamlined Experience: Seamless integration for a user-friendly trading process
  • Peace of Mind: Trade confidently knowing your assets are protected by a reliable security solution

PowerTrade's focus on security and custody offers traders a safe and secure environment, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in the platform's ability to protect their assets.

Competitive Fees/ Market Maker Program

PowerTrade offers a user-friendly fee model that combines attractive taker fees and maker rebates, enabling traders to optimize their strategies and costs.

User-friendly Fees

  • Maker-Taker Model: Encourages liquidity provision with lower fees for market-making orders and higher fees for orders that take liquidity from the market.
  • Custom Fees: Our fee structure caters to traders of all levels, with tailored pricing options available based on trading volumes. This approach ensures a user-friendly and cost-efficient experience for all users.

To learn more about our offerings and how we can optimize your trading strategies, we invite you to contact our sales team today.

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PTF Utility Token

PTF (FUEL) is an essential component of the PowerTrade ecosystem, offering token holders numerous benefits and playing a crucial role in the platform's overall functioning.

A Token with Purpose

The PTF token serves multiple functions within the PowerTrade platform, making it an invaluable asset for users. Here's a quick overview of the benefits and features provided by the PTF token:

  • Staking Rewards: By holding PTF tokens on the PowerTrade platform, users become eligible for staking rewards and can access reduced trading fees, increasing their potential returns.
  • Fees Discount: By holding PTF tokens on the PowerTrade platform, users become eligible for staking rewards and can access reduced trading fees, increasing their potential returns.

PTF not only offers numerous benefits to its holders but also helps shape the future of the PowerTrade platform, ensuring it continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of its user base.

VIP Support for PowerTrade Clients

At PowerTrade, we recognize the importance of providing exceptional customer support to our users. That's why we've developed a VIP support program, designed to offer personalized and priority assistance to our valued clients.

Elevating Your Trading Experience

The VIP support program at PowerTrade aims to deliver an enhanced level of service to our clients. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this program:

  • Personalized Support: Receive dedicated assistance tailored to your specific needs and trading objectives.
  • Priority Assistance: Enjoy faster response times and priority handling of your inquiries, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Gain access to additional perks and resources exclusive to our VIP clients, designed to elevate your trading experience.

PowerTrade's VIP support program showcases our commitment to providing unparalleled service and support to our clients


PowerTrade is a top-tier crypto derivatives exchange for institutions and professional traders, offering a full suite of derivatives, intuitive user experience, advanced strategy trading, and deep liquidity.

See for yourself:

Feature Key Benefits
Full Derivatives Suite - Product Range (options, perpetuals, futures, and spot trading)
- European Style options
- USD Settlement
- Alt-coin Expansion
User Experience - Cross-Platform Access (Web and Mobile)
- Intuitive Design
- Feature-Rich Experience
Strategy Trading and RFQ - Multi-Leg Strategies
- Fast Quotes
- Quick Responses (5 seconds, 24/7)
- 10 Leg Option Structures
- Flexible Trading
Capital Efficiency and Multi-Collateral Support - Enhanced Flexibility (Multiple Collateral Types)
- Efficient Portfolio Management
- Margin Offsets
- Reduced Margin Requirements
- Improved Risk Management
Deep Liquidity - Reduced Slippage
- Efficient Trading
- Stable Environment
- Ample Liquidity
- Rapid Quotes
- Minimal Slippage
High-Performance API and Connectivity - REST/Websocket Connectivity
- Low Latency Market Data
Security and Custody - Self-Custody (Integration with Copper, Bitgo, Anchorage, etc.)
- Trusted Partnerships
- Complete Control
- Enhanced Security
- Advanced Security with Copper Clearloop
- Streamlined Experience
- Peace of Mind
Competitive Fee Structure - User-friendly Fees
- Maker Rebates
- Spot Fees
PTF Utility Token - Governance Rights
- Staking Rewards
VIP Support for Clients - Personalized Support
- Priority Assistance

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