PowerTrade Institutional

PowerTrade is a one-stop shop for institutional trading firms. Our institutional offering is designed to meet the needs of professional users, with features such as professional-grade SPAN/portfolio margin, multi-collateral, and an automated RFQ workflow.

The institutional edge

Get a competitive advantage with PowerTrade's extensive liquidity, professional-grade SPAN/portfolio margin, multi-collateral trading, institutional custody, and other features.

Derivatives Suite
A full derivatives suite. Trade options, perpetuals, futures and spot, and hedge all in one place.
Deep Liquidity
Deep liquidity, which allows institutional traders to execute large orders ensuring the best pricing.
Security & Custody
Trade from self-custody with our integrated partners that includes Copper, Bitgo, Anchorage and more.
Competitive Fees
A user-friendly fee structure with competitive taker fees and attractive maker rebates across all products.
Capital Efficient
Trade efficiently with multi-collateral support and professional grade SPAN/ Portfolio Margin.
High Performance
Easy integration via API with low latency REST/Websocket connectivity for high performance trading.
Strategies/ RFQ
Strategy trading and RFQ allows for risk management of entire structures in one go with no minimum trade size.
Market Maker Program
Token incentives, deep liquidity, and cutting-edge technology to optimize your trading strategies.
VIP Support
Get personalized and priority support from our expert team with our VIP support program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is portfolio margin calculated?
What is the liquidation process and how’s account health related to that?
What are the contract details for options?
What are the perpetuals contract specifications?
What assets can be used as collateral?
What API protocols are supported?

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