Do not be alarmed of large PTF transfers. Funds are SAFU.

For upgraded security, non-circulating PTF held in treasury will be transferred to new addresses this month.

Transfers will be made for the following allocations:

From: 0xB445517A470efa45Ef65De580Fc8b254dF204bB3
To: 0xd931E2bBA16D3BDc91b0A4cfeBF2F0c1396112fF

Future Rounds
From: 0x7608E953018d417210368179ED8c64A355EF1AB7
To: 0x32e36289a1b14683006f4CCf9fF6c09F6417D309

From: 0x2033564c738eB932041abC3F35AB4Ee9ED2356d7
To: 0xB29b7FD504298B57D12e3eF30aE0A57D5ac54c69

From: 0x5505599097f1795db30E7e00c7bDa19a165d34a2
To: 0x7ba0e892Cc9B84d0Da4A14BBCdD48F0af56c9891

Liquidity & Attention Mining
From: 0xD05D4F6d1673471AB8Ee3925e58197cf23337dBA
To: 0xdcd3950a15089B8cEeD765351fa609c180F47F6a

The tokens are being moved in full, old addresses will no longer be used.

Lockup Disclosures

Official circulating supply can be found at

The CoinGecko supply disclosure can be found at

CoinGecko independently calculates circulating supply based on the lockup address disclosure.