PowerTrade - 2022 Wrapped

From launching our full derivatives suite to partnering with Copper for institutional custody, it's been a banner year for PowerTrade

It's been a tumultuous year for the crypto industry, and the collapse of FTX has served as a reminder of the importance of trust in this space. At PowerTrade, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and security in everything we do.

Derivatives Suite Launch

Despite these challenges, we are proud of the progress we've made at PowerTrade this year. In 2022, we launched our full derivatives suite, which included options, futures, perpetuals and spot markets. This has allowed us to offer our users a wide range of trading products to support their trading strategies.

(RFQ) Request for Quote

This year, we introduced the RFQ (request for quote) feature to enhance the trading experience for our users. This feature enables users to request quotes from multiple market makers and get the best price before executing a trade.

Some key features of the RFQ product include the ability to create complex 10 leg options structures, with no minimum block size required. We also provide fast response times, with quotes delivered within 5 seconds, 24/7. This gives our users even more flexibility and control to support their trading strategies.

Portfolio Margin & USD Pricing Terms

In addition to these options-related enhancements, we introduced portfolio margin and SPAN margin to allow our users to more efficiently manage their risk and capital. Portfolio margin allows users to collateralize a group of positions rather than individual positions, while SPAN margin uses a risk-based approach to calculate margin requirements.

All of our products are denominated in USD, which has given our users even more flexibility and control to support their trading strategies. These enhancements have made it easier for our users to manage their positions and reduce their risk.

Trade Ideas – Expert Analysis and Customized RFQs

With this feature, users can discover trade ideas and instantly create an RFQ or use the RFQ builder to create their own ideas. They can also save and share their customized RFQs with others. This feature gives our users access to expert insights and the ability to easily create and execute on their own trading strategies.

Partnering with Copper for Secure Custody and Efficient Settlement

We are pleased to have partnered with Copper, a leading provider of institutional-grade custody solutions, to offer our users even more security and peace of mind. By using Copper's secure custody, our users can minimize counterparty risk when trading on PowerTrade. Copper's custody also allows our users to deploy capital on PowerTrade instantly, avoiding delays, costs, and risks associated with on-chain transfers.

With Copper, our users can also settle their trades securely and efficiently. They can receive their profits quickly and securely, with settlements and clearing handled by Copper. This allows them to increase their capital efficiency, as they can redeploy their profits instantly post-settlement. We are proud to partner with Copper to provide our users with the highest levels of security and efficiency.

Key Metrics & Looking Forward

1m trades market maker 60x increase

As we look back on the year, we are grateful for the support of our users and are committed to serving the crypto derivatives community with the highest levels of trust and security.